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Chicago Precision MFG, LLC (CPM) offers a wide range of value-added services to provide you with an all-in-one metal fabrication contractor.

Powder and Wet Coating

CPM has powder and wet finishing services on site. The automated finishing line can paint powder and liquid in separate booths for high volume jobs. Low volume orders are painted in batch booths. We can accommodate parts as small as a dime all the way up to 140”L x 60”W x 48”H!


If you have certain sections of your part(s) that do not need to be coated, those sections will be expertly covered by our precision maskers before the finishing process.

Silk Screening

Custom screens are crafted by our dedicated experts for each project. Metal and plastic parts can be screened in multiple colors at our several silk-screening stations; plus, a UV screening station that is adaptable for any job.


Parts measuring up to 96”W x 140”L can be grinded. We have a surface grinder, plus we make our own grinding fixtures when needed.

Prototype Laminate Dies

Need forms, embossing, or extrusions created quickly without the need for costly production tooling? CPM offers quick-turn and inexpensive prototype dies, as well as low-cost production simulated dies.

Plating and Heat-Treating Services

Strategic partnerships with local Chicago-based companies enables CPM to provide high quality plating and heat-treating services.


CPM offers assembly on site via two permanent assembly lines for prototype and production volume projects.

Delivery, Shipping, & Storage

Need assistance dropping off or picking up your parts? CPM has a 24’ box truck to make local deliveries or we can make arrangements with an outside carrier for long distance shipments. We also have a warehouse to store your finished parts and ship them on-demand to your customer.

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