Finish and Assemble

Chicago Precision Manufacturing also provide a wide range of value added services.


Our grinding area can handle parts measuring up to 96” x 140”. We also make our own grinding fixtures when needed.


We are able to push various hardware items into metal and we also install hardware into class A cosmetic parts.

Summary of our Equipment:

  • Two 6 ton Haegers - model HP6-C.
  • One 6 ton Haeger - model 618 Plus
  • One Tox Press

Prototype Laminate Dies

Chicago Precision Manufacturing provides quick turn prototype services at very competitive pricing. This is the ideal low cost solution that offers production results for your parts.

  • Quick-turn and inexpensive prototype dies
  • Low cost, production simulated dies

We can create forms, embossing and extrusions without the need for costly production tooling.


We are able to accommodate prototype jobs in our machine shop. In addition to this we also have the ability to die repairs and modifications and develop small forming dies for PB. This enables us to keep our costs down on prototype and production costs. We have a wide range of machinery equipment in our plant.

Summary of our Equipment:

  • One 12” x 36” metalworking lathe
  • Two turret mills - 50” table, 18.5” height
  • One surface grinder
  • One air tapping machine
  • One 4 head driller


One of the major advantages of working with Chicago Precision Manufacturing is that we have internal finishing services. We have an automated paint line that can paint liquid and powder in our separate booths. This allows us to transition from powder to liquid with little to no production down time. Our technicians are trained to use the Prodigy On Demand Powder Coating Gun System and Anest Iwata Waterborne Electrostatic Spray Gun Systems for liquid applications.

  • We can paint parts that are sized up to 120” x 24” x 36”

Chicago Precision Manufacturing also has liquid and powder booths that are large enough to accommodate prototype jobs or very large parts of up to 140” x 60” x 48”.

We also offer internal silk screening services and have 7 silk screen and 1 UV screening station. Our team of experts have many years experience in silk screening and are able to screen multiple colors to suit your specific needs. We are also experienced in screening plastic parts. Should the part require it we have precision masking services. We pay extremely careful attention to all aspects of every job; from design and manufacture through to quality control and inspection.

We know your project is important to you which is why our class A finishing and all of our screening is done in-house. What this means for you is that when you deal with one company who operate out of one location, you get to save not only time, but money too.

Plating and Heat Treating Services

At Chicago Precision Manufacturing we have formed strategic partnerships with local Chicago area based companies who provide us with high quality plating and heat treating services.


We have two permanent assembly lines for prototype or production projects. We also have the ability to install hardware in Class “A” cosmetic parts. Our technologically advanced equipment enables us to print bar codes and develop packaging to protect parts and we can provide final pack services. We are ISO certified in assembly. Once assembled our quality control team inspect all parts and finished jobs in minute detail to ensure that the quality of the job lives up to our extremely exacting standards.


We understand that delivering your parts to your customer is important so we use our own 24’ box truck to make local deliveries. We also have the warehouse capacity to store finished goods and will ship them on demand to your customer from our plant, no matter where in the world they are.

Our mission is to ensure that we not only meet and exceed your needs but those of your customers’ too.

If you want to find out more about how we can help your company succeed and you’re based in or around Chicago, contact us today.

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